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Our Services

Moonstone LLP with its registered office in Aktau is mostly pleased to render our support and assistance to all Kazakhstani and foreign companies now operating in Aktau and other regions of Kazakhstan our services being as follows:

Written and oral translations from and to Russian, Kazakh, English, French, Ukraine, Azerbaijanian and German including all notarization formalities upon customer request.

Translation Services

Translation of documents and proof reading of translations are the core services that ‘Moonstone’ LLP provides.

Upon receiving the documents for translation the would-be job is thoroughly reviewed with identifying the time period required to make the translation in due manner with adequate quality.

We may well be proud of the fact we use the latest cutting-the-edge software and upgraded computers. We can easily scan your document and translate it within the shortest time.

All of our translators, editors are highly specialized in their fields and have profound experience in translation business no matter whether the subject for translation is of technical or humanitarian nature, fine literature or an operating instructions guide.

Documents Notarization Procedure

The notarization procedure requires that the original document (or its authorized copy) and the translation of it are supplemented with a sheet with inscription and signature of the translator. The place where the sheets get fixed together is sealed with a thick paper of a star shape with the signature of Notary. The stamp covers evenly both paper star coupon and extends on the document’s page. Thereon the number of filed pages is indicated with the signature of Notary to verify the hand of the translator.

When translating a document from one foreign language to another foreign language, then, the stamp of Notary must also be translated to the, so called, destination language.

For some documents a stamp or seal of agency may suffice and in such an event the original document and translation sheets are filed together and on the back side of such document we put just the name and signature of the translator with the stamp of our agency.


Apostille is an internationally recognized form to provide the information on the legality of the particular document in the territory of all countries that are participants of 1961 Hague Convention. ‘Apostille’ stamp can be affixed only to the original documents of the national standards.

Apostille can be made whether in an official language of the Convention (French or English) or in a national language of the state that provides for apostille or the content can be duplicated in any of Convention languages and the national language.

Should a receiving country is not a participant of the Convention - the document will have to be formally legalized by a consular office with the Ministry of Justice of RoK, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.